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peace, space & tranquility

We bring you to the jetty of the sleepy fishing village of Shella on the island of Lamu in an old slow wooden boat. Tucked away in the back of the village, against the sand dunes, you reach the entrance gates to Fatuma’s Tower and passing through them enter a secluded, peaceful world. The deep green foliage of flowering trees speckles shade over the raked sandy pathways and there are many tropical birds whose songs you will hear at dawn. A light sea breeze carries in a salty scent off the Indian Ocean as the sounds of the village fade away.

At Fatuma's Tower you are invited into the home of Gillies and Fiammetta Turle, who want you to feel at ease and experience the peace and comfort of this tranquil space. More than a guest house they refer to it as their house for guests - a hidden corner of the world where you can find time for yourself.

The Tower is named after Fatuma Abu Bakar a Swahili noblewoman who lived in this sanctuary attended by five female slaves until the end of the 19th century. After her death and the abolition of slavery the house fell into ruins and the magnificent tamarind tree growing in the courtyard established itself in the ruins of the fallen masonry.

Fatuma's Tower is a garden paradise; a place to slow down and feel safe to let go. Only a 10-minute scenic stroll from Shela's pristine 12km beach, the historic tower and quiet gardens overlook the picturesque Shela sand dunes. 

Yoga Retreats
Fatuma's Tower is the ideal environment for your Kenya Yoga & Wellness holiday. You can choose a personal yoga program, join a group yoga retreat or simply join our afternoon classes. 

Al Fresco Dining
During your stay you'll enjoy an abundance of sweet tropical fruits, farm-fresh produce and home-cooked italian, seafood and vegetarian dishes served in our spacious antique gardens. Our cooks are at your disposal for the duration of your stay which makes self-catering both affordable and delicious!